Friday, March 14, 2014

Comebacks to Insults

Here are a couple of snappy zingers and combacks to insults that are commonly thrown around by ignorant people with Assholery Syndrome:

Insult: You're Gay
- At least I'm not a homophobe
- You wish
- And your point is?
- yeah you're wife enjoys me too
- Why do you say that, did I set off your Gaydar?
- Is that the best you can think of?
- Why, are you interested?
- And you're a homophobic douchebag

Insult: You're Ugly
- I can fix my ugliness with plastic surgery but you will stay stupid forever
-There must be a mirror on your face so you can see your reflection
- What did you just say? Sorry I don't speak dumbass
- At least I'm not as ugly as you
- Insulting me won't make you any prettier

You're Fat:
- I can lose weight, but you'll always be ugly
- I'm fat because every time I banged your mom she gave me a cookie

- Nobody asked for your biography
- just like your Dads condom

TO be honest, it really bothers that the hell out of me that people  think that calling other people "gay" is an insult. There is nothing wrong with being gay. As far as it goes with people calling other people fat and ugly goes, they are probably suffering from Assholery Syndrome. You can't argue with an A-hole. You look like a bigger one if you do. But you can outsmart them and walk away.