Saturday, March 1, 2014

6 Annoyances That Make People Angry as Hell

Small annoyances are usually easy to diffuse but we all know that feeling when several of these annoyances build up in one day and piss you off turning you into a major A-Hole. Now some of us have a higher tolerance for these small things. Others will go batshit crazy when this happens.

1 - Losing your keys. If you lose your keys at home and they are not in their normal place its our first instinct to panic. We turn over couch seat cushions, comb through drawers, and move furniture in a desperate attempt of hope that they will show up. This issue is particularly a pain in the ass if you have to go somewhere and you can't leave until you figure out where the hell they are.

2 - The weather. It doesn't matter if you hate the cold and love the heat or hate the heat and love the cold. Extreme temperatures of any degree are enough to weigh us down for the day. Particularly on the days that it's pouring outside and you leave the house without your umbrella. Also, some of these massive snow storms and polar vortex cold spells can start to eat away at your soul after a while.

3 - Driving. People lose their damn minds when they are behind the wheel. They sometimes go into a heated rage when another idiot on the road cuts them off, doesn't pay attention, or drives to slow/fast. This heated anger often causes all kinds of unwanted tension and aggravation in your routine. It only takes one A-hole on the road to ruin your entire mood.

4 - Chewing and Eating. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. People seem to have a real problem with having to listen to other people chewing really loud or chomping away on their gum. Some people are louder chewers than others. Some don't even know how to chew with their mouths closed. That's enough to drive anyone to insanity.

5- Noise. Whether it be someone next to you talking too loud on their phone, your neighbors cranking up the bass on their sound system, or construction drilling outside your house/apt...Loud noise when you want some peace and quiet can get on your nerves without them even realizing it.

6 - Slow internet connections. You are on the internet while happily enjoying that silly cat video when suddenly the player freezes... buffering...and you wait about 30 seconds for it to play for another 10 seconds and then freeze up again. You are heartbroken that you will never see another cat video like that again.

SOOO.. what's the best way to deal with these issues?

Well, for your keys you can probably have a key holder and make it a habit to hang them every day. You could also get spare copies made in case of an emergency. I know for car keys it can get expensive, but think of the frustration and stress you will end up saving yourself. There isn't a whole lot you can do about those awful snow storms that keep dumping 8-10 inches in your driveway every few weeks during winter...and there is nothing you can do about that 100 degree humidity. You're best bet is to keep informed about the forecast and prepare yourself. Driving and road rage? Admitting you have a problem with it and try to catch yourself losing your sh*t. You need to realize that there are more important things to get angry about. That dude that snuck into your lane? You will never see him again (hopefully), so you might as well not let yourself get angry about it. When people chew loud and it's getting on your nerves just leave the room. Noise? Other than moving to a quieter neighborhood, this is another thing you can't really control. Put on your headphones or a fan. Drain the noise out. That's your best bet. And finally, if you're internet connection sucks, change your provider. They are charging you a lot of money every month and they need to deliver. You can sometimes get your bill lowered if you call and complain enough about it.

Above all things, relieving the tension is the best way to deal with your angry rages. Laughter is SO important. It boosts brain power, reduces stress and helps people focus. Putting on a funny tv show or watching some silly cats or other funny videos on Youtube might help you  relieve the tension. Go for it. Make yourself laugh and you will find the small annoyances won't bother you as much.