Monday, February 24, 2014

Comeback Insult

I don't know about other people, but I find the lack of creativity in trolling to be kinda pathetic. I mean what the some idiot's definition of an insult is really lame to me. Some insults are just dumb and make no sense. A lot of trolls typically insult people by using unoriginal and unfunny things to insult them by. For instance - "You're gay".. is that really an insult? It's insulting that you would use being gay as an insult. For one thing, I'm not gay, but if I was gay, I would find that offensive because there is nothing wrong with being gay. So why do people still use it as an insult? That's the lamest form of trolling. Another insult people like to use is "get a life".. seriously? That makes no sense. Even if my life wasn't interesting and all I did all day was spend time on the internet or watching reruns of  One Tree Hill, my life would still be my life. The only way I wouldn't have a life is if I were dead... or if I were never born. So I'm not sure why people even say that. It's the dumbest insult in the world. I have some snappy comebacks to these uninspiring insults.

Dumbest Insults - You're fat, your gay, you're a loser, get a life, etc.

INSULT: you're gay
COMEBACK: I guess you would know better since you were biting the pillow last night