Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Comebacks Insults - Being Called "FAT"

Sometimes idiots can't think of good insults and have to resort to the most un-creative obvious thing in the world to insult you. They say "Hey Fatty" or call you fat, etc. It's the only thing the can come up with because their brains are so small. Don't take it personally. You are beautiful and they have some serious problems. I have compiled a list of comebacks to being called FAT.

Calling me fat doesn't make you any smarter.
I may be fat but you're an idiot and while I can lose the weight you'll never stop being stupid. 
The amount of intellectual greatness in your comment is truly down to a minimum. 
"Fat" ... Are you 12? 
Fat is changeable. Ugly is permanent.
Thanks for the compliment What time does your mom pick you up from daycare?
Grow up and go draw in a coloring book.
That would hurt me if I actually cared about your opinion. 
I can loose weight for free but it'll cost 10 grand to fix your face
I can lose weight anytime but you need a full a lobotomy to fix your stupidity. 
I'm sorry. What'd you say? I didn't hear you under all that bitch
The only reason I'm fat, is because every time I bang your mom, she feeds me cookies.
If calling me fat can help you feel better about your pathetic life then go ahead. Glad I could help!
You mad? You seem really mad. You OK?
Your ugly it's a lot cheaper for me to lose the weight then it is for you to have plastic surgery
Well, you look like α cross between me & your mom
Don't worry little piggy! You'll grow up someday fatter than me! 
Calling me fat won't make your dick any bigger
Someone had to make you feel better about being so ugly. So I got fat.
Yeah, I like to eat, not puke.
oops let me move the mirror for you
Insulting me won't make you any less stupid
Thanks. I was trying to look like you
So missed your eye exam again?
And yet, for some reason, you are still jealous!
Why don't you pick on someone your own size like that pole over there?